For over 30 years, DME has taken pride in being a one-stop marketing strategy and execution solutions provider. In tandem, we have always embraced the latest in technology to assist in our mission.

Due to our evolving needs, we found ourselves constrained by insufficient third party software for print aggregation and automation. To foster growth in our own sales and marketing efforts, we created DME Connect, a Web to Print software solution, to thrive in both B2B and B2C environments.

We understand that a W2P platform cannot be a one size fits all solution in this marketplace. We have addressed this. DME Connect is designed to meet your business needs today AND tomorrow.

DME Connect leverages our distinct passion for our customers – offering the ultimate ease in user experience and the best in customer service.

DME is a Full-Service Direct Marketing Agency

At DME, we become an extension of your team, and your partner for success from adoption to fulfillment and everything in between.

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